📱The Platform Ecosystem Components

The Hey Re:born platform allows merchants (clinics, hospitals, and cosmetic product brands) and consumers to connect and transact within a high-quality interface, free of the usual noise, disinformation, and marketing gimmicks. We have employed the following combination of practical and technological solutions in order to attract and engage consumers and ensure quality and transparency from participating merchants:

  • Surgery Estimates. Users upload three photos of themselves using the "Request Estimate" feature on our app. This information is sent to all relevant clinics and hospitals listed on the Hey Re:born platform, which then send quotations and relevant information from specialist doctors back to the user via the Hey Re:born app. Since clinics and hospitals on our platform must pass our listing guidelines, maintain a minimum rating from verified customers, and provide complete and transparent pricing and background information personalized to individual user estimate requests, our users can easily compare costs from various clinics and choose the best option that suits their budget and preferences.

  • Communities. Hey Re:born platform captivates our users by enabling users to exchange and share information on various communities within the app, including the Anonymous Community, the Daily Sharing Community, and the Cosmetic Surgery Community. This creates a network effect as the more users participate in the communities, the more valuable the platform becomes.

  • Verified Reviews System. User reviews are incentivized with in-app rewards points redeemable for partner products and services. Every review on our platform is verified. Users are able to write reviews only after they have completed a face-to-face consultation or completed a cosmetic surgery procedure which was booked via the app, and reviews are not published or rewarded until we have verified the transaction with the merchant. This prevents fake reviews and misinformation.

  • Content Platform. Through our Content Platform, our end users access up-to-date and accurate information and content related to cosmetic surgery, skincare, products, and related procedures, directly from our ecosystem partners and clinics on our platform.

  • Vetted & Verified Clinics. Users can browse through verified and vetted clinics on our platform. Only licensed cosmetic surgeons and specialists registered with the Plastic Surgeons Association of South Korea can register on Hey Re:born, ensuring confidence for our users.

  • Activity Points. Hey Re:born rewards our ecosystem participants with in-app points (managed off-chain to ensure legal compliance in countries that do not recognize cryptocurrency, but purchasable via tokens by swapping them for points), encouraging engagement with app and community features, discouraging booking or transacting with merchants outside the app (to ensure sales attribution to Re:born) as well as ensuring quality and authenticity of reviews.

  • RB Wallet. Our built-in wallet allows users easy access to and management of both off-chain points and on-chain $RB tokens. The RB Wallet allows swapping from $RB tokens to points, which are in turn redeemable for products and services delivered by merchant partners in Southeast Asian countries which do not recognize cryptocurrencies as legal currencies. $RB tokens are used to purchase products and services from decentralized ecosystem partners and partners located in and delivering products and services in countries that legally recognize cryptocurrency transactions. Our wallet additionally enables staking, which carries unique benefits for consumers and merchants, such as access to exclusive features, products, events, and venues.

  • Re:born Mall. Our ecommerce offering within the Hey Re:born platform where brands sell cosmetic and beauty-related products directly to our platform users. We incentivize our ecommerce merchants to offer some products as purchasable via points or $RB only, as well as offer discounts for purchases made via our in-app currencies.

  • Advertising Platform. Our built-in advertising platform enables clinics, hospitals, and cosmetic product brands and merchants on the Re:born platform to run direct-to-consumer sales and advertising campaigns to a highly engaged and relevant audience with high purchase intent. Our advertising platform components include:

    • Banner ads

    • Pop-up ads

    • Push Notification Ads

    • Sponsored listing

    • Lead Generation Ads (Planned)

    • Retargeting Ads (Planned)

    • Email Marketing (Planned)

    • Native Content Ad on RB Communities (Planned)

  • Automated CRM (Planned). Native CRM for clinics and hospitals on the Hey Re:born platform which provides authenticated user information for users that engage with a given merchant. This offers powerful marketing and segmentation to clinics and enables them to manage appointments and customers effectively.

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