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Underlying Technological Components
Hey Re:born platform is built using a modular components architecture, enabling scalability and ease of operations. This approach allows us to independently develop individual modules while managing our entire ecosystem.
Our $RB token and blockchain components such as RB Wallet are developed on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing us to utilize BSC's lightening fast speed and low gas fees. While blockchain is an integral part of our platform ecosystem, due to our modular component architecture, our users (both consumers and merchants) need not be crypto natives to use our platform.
Our product experience is designed to incentivize both users and businesses (such as clinics, hospitals, retailers, and brands) to adopt cryptocurrency with our $RB tokens by making a seamless experience tokenized platform experience. We are furthering the usage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency through our platform ecosystem and partners.

RB Platform System Architecture

Every component of the Hey Re:born platform is systemically interconnected to create a seamless platform experience for our users.