Staking Incentive Mechanism

Hey Re:born provides staking incentives for both consumers and merchants on our platform in order to fine-tune the supply of $RB tokens in circulation. Staking unlocks various benefits and incentives for both consumers and merchants

Staking Incentives for end users

Our Consumer Users can stake $RB token using native Staking mechanism in our upcoming RB Wallet, entitling them to various rewards based on the duration of staking. The following is our current plan (subject to change):

  • 30-day RB incentive 0.1%

  • 60-day RB incentive 0.2%

  • 90-day RB incentive 0.4%

  • 120 days RB incentive 0.6%

  • 240 Day RB Incentive 1.3%

  • 360 Day RB Incentive 2%

Staking Incentives for Businesses

We plan to offer Staking for Businesses on Re:born Ecosystem as well, using the same Staking Mechanism in RB Wallet. Staking $RB will entitle businesses to various merchant-facing benefits and incentives. The actual Staking Plan for Businesses and Benefits will be announced at a later date.

Governance Rights in Future

As Hey Re:born moves towards decentralized Governance in Phase 3 of our roadmap, staking will enable both end users and businesses to participate in the governance, voting, and future directions of Hey Re:born Platform and ecosystem.

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