Challenges faced by clinics

For South Korean clinics, the plastic surgery industry's highly crowded and competitive nature brings many challenges. Even with skilled and experienced plastic surgeons & other specialists in employment, many clinics and hospitals still face struggles on multiple fronts.

  1. High cost of marketing and advertising. To reach a wider audience and attract new clients, clinics must invest heavily in marketing and advertising, often with high spend wastage and little or no ROI or customer attribution tracking.

  2. Limited Reach of Marketing Efforts. Reaching the right target audience effectively and efficiently is a struggle, even when clinics employ both traditional and digital marketing channels.

  3. Differentiation Difficulties. Since South Korea has more than 1,500 hospitals and specialty clinics for cosmetic surgery, with more than half of them located in Seoul, it is difficult for clinics to differentiate. As a result, it is not the clinics providing the best services, the greatest value, or the most highly skilled specialists that are the most successful, but rather the clinics which spend the most on marketing and advertising.

  4. Rampant Misinformation. The cosmetic surgery market in South Korea is currently inundated by marketing agencies creating fake reviews and comments, providing artificial community seeding services, manufacturing dishonest clickbait contents, and running heavily discounted promotional ads to capture prospects' contact information, then selling these leads to multiple clinics and specialty cosmetic surgery centers. These practices have created a market that incentivizes dishonest tactics and puts honest, high-quality clinics at a disadvantage.

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