Challenges Faced by Consumers

Finding the right clinic for their cosmetic procedure can be overwhelming and time-consuming for consumers. There are many clinics to choose from, each offering various procedures at different prices.

Credibility of Service Providers on Other Platforms

Other platforms allow both licensed plastic surgeons and non-specialists, such as dermatologists and dentists, to register. This lack of quality assurance causes confusion and mistrust among consumers, who find it difficult to verify whether they will receive treatments from qualified practitioners.

Limited Access to Accurate Information

Consumers are often forced to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations or online reviews, which can be unreliable and subjective. This lack of information makes it difficult for consumers to decide which clinic to choose for their procedure.

Lack of Transparency

In addition, the lack of standardization in pricing makes it difficult for consumers to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on the costs of different procedures. This inconsistency leads to unexpected costs in the form of hidden fees and/or additional products and services which were not clearly required.

For example, many clinics offer attractive introductory rates for popular procedures, but these rates often do not include the cost of pre-operative tests, post-operative care, or other necessary expenses. This can result in hidden costs that are not disclosed until the day of the procedure, leaving consumers with a much higher bill than they had initially anticipated.

Moreover, the lack of standardization in pricing and procedures can also result in disparities in the quality of care received by different patients. For example, a patient who pays more for a procedure may receive better care and more favorable outcomes than a patient who pays less. This lack of transparency and fairness undermines public trust in the plastic surgery industry.

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