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💕Activity Points

At Hey Re:born, we believe in cultivating a thriving and engaged community of users who are actively involved in our platform's growth and success. Our innovative Incentive System, focusing on Activity Points, aims to create a compelling and rewarding experience for users by motivating them to contribute actively to various aspects of the Hey Re:born ecosystem.

Users can earn Activity Points (off-chain points, not tokenized) by participating in a diverse range of activities on the Hey Re:born platform. Each activity is designed to enhance the overall user experience while generating valuable interactions and insights. Some of the key actions through which users can accumulate Activity Points include:

  1. Writing detailed and insightful product/service reviews: Encouraging users to share their personal experiences and opinions on various products and services available within the platform, enriching the quality and depth of information available to other users.

  2. Actively participating and contributing to community discussions: Engaging in meaningful conversations within the community, providing support, sharing knowledge, and exchanging ideas on skincare, beauty, and cosmetic surgery topics. This fosters a supportive and informative environment where users can learn from each other and make well-informed decisions.

  3. Requesting quotations for products or services: By engaging in the platform's marketplace features, users not only express their interest in available offerings but also generate valuable data and insights, helping Hey Re:born to better understand user preferences and market trends.

  4. Completing profile information and preferences: Encouraging users to provide comprehensive information about their skincare and beauty needs helps Hey Re:born to personalize recommendations and customize the platform's experience to each user.

  5. Sharing and referring friends to join the platform: By inviting others to join Hey Re:born, users expand the community, creating an expansive and diversified ecosystem of like-minded individuals united by their common interests.

Utilizing Activity Points: Exclusive Opportunities & Rewards

As users accumulate Activity Points, they can benefit from a variety of unique opportunities within the platform. These rewards not only create a sense of achievement but also enable users to access exclusive deals and services. Examples of how Activity Points can be utilized include:

  1. Redeeming gift cards and exclusive coupons: Users can exchange Activity Points for special discounts and offers on products and services, enhancing their purchasing power and adding more value to their Hey Re:born experience.

  2. Making purchases on the Re:born Mall, our user-friendly e-commerce interface: Activity Points can be used as a form of currency within the Re:born Mall, allowing users to buy their desired products without using traditional payment methods.

  3. Accessing premium features and content: Earned Activity Points can unlock access to exclusive platform features, such as specialized articles, expert advice, or members-only forums, enriching the overall Hey Re:born experience.

  4. Participating in events and contests: Users can use Activity Points to enter platform-exclusive events or contests, providing additional opportunities to engage with the community, win prizes, and enjoy unique benefits.

By implementing this comprehensive and rewarding Incentive System, we aim to create a dynamic and loyal user base eager to participate in the Hey Re:born ecosystem actively. This not only strengthens our community but also ensures that Hey Re:born remains at the forefront of innovation in the skincare, beauty, and cosmetic surgery industries, setting new standards for user engagement and satisfaction.

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