Overview of Re:born Ecosystem

Our internal ecosystem revolves around several main groups of applications, each comprising sub-components.

User Incentive System & RB Wallet

We incentivize our platform users through our activity points system. Actions our consumer users take on the Hey Re:born platform, such as writing reviews, participating in communities, and requesting quotations, earn them in-app points (off-chain, not tokenized). These points can be used to purchase gift cards and coupons on our platform, as well as to purchase products on the Re:born Mall (our ecommerce interface).

The $RB Wallet enables our users to swap $RB tokens for activity points. We incentivize transactions within the app and between our decentralized ecosystem partners via $RB, however since cryptocurrencies tokens are not recognized as a legal form of payment in all countries where we operate, we have included the ability to swap tokens to off-chain points, which in turn can be legally redeemed for products in services in these countries.

Advertising Platform

The Hey Re:born platform has a captivated audience with very high interest and purchase intent in cosmetic surgery, skincare, and beauty products and services. Our merchant-facing Advertising Platform enables businesses looking for such an audience to run effective advertising campaigns with laser-focused targeting. Version 1 of our Advertising Module is currently live and in use, allowing clinics and hospitals on our platform to run sponsored ad campaigns direct to platform users. We are continuing to develop these platform components as we expand into other countries and grow our captivated audience, and in turn, the value of said audience for our advertisers.

Advertisers are incentivized to pay for advertising services via the $RB Token. This method of payment simplifies the process of running advertisements in other countries and further strengthens the use cases of the $RB token and ecosystem.

eCommerce (Re:born Mall)

Re:born Mall will enable brands to directly sell their skincare, beauty, and cosmetic products to our growing captivated audience across Southeast Asia. Our platform users purchase products on the Re:born Mall using their activity points or $RB tokens, and merchants use $RB to unlock additional features in their Re:born Mall stores (such as more product listing slots, sponsored listings, and more).

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